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To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express our heartfelt appreciation for the baby nursing expertise and deeply caring approach of Imogene. She's not merely a superb baby nurse, but also a sensitive family nurse who gently educates and supports Mom and Dad so they feel confident enough to continue after she has left. After two wonderful weeks with her, my wife and I enthusiastically recommend Imogene for any of your clients.

Like many first-time parents, we assumed we could handle a newborn by ourselves from day one. Also like many new parents, we were wrong. We also hadn't planned on an emergency C-section, which put my wife on the sidelines for a while as she recovered from this major abdominal surgery. After 24 hours home alone with our new son Chase, we called your agency on Friday at 4 pm. Within an hour, you'd called back with the reassuring news that Imogene would arrive the next day.

From the first moment, Imogene was quietly reassuring. She assessed the baby supplies we'd already purchased, and gave me a shopping list while Mom got some needed rest. Over the first few days, Imogene completely won us over with her obvious love and caring for our son Chase, her solid medical knowledge about newborn care and her gentle explanations to us at every stage about what she was doing and why, so that we could learn to do it ourselves.

Like many of your clients, my wife and I are accomplished professionals who are used to solving problems. We quickly learned that having a baby is a whole different thing. With her 15 years of baby nursing experience, Imogene helped us understand that all the worrying things going on with baby Chase were completely normal — the frequent hiccups, the diaper rash and other skin irritations, the fussiness, the occasionally stuffy nasal passages and, of course, the inevitable spit-up. She was always able to calm him. Equally importantly, she showed us how to do it.

Imogene didn't limit her efforts to daily care. She also helped us understand where Chase was developmentally, and where he could soon be if we gave him tummy time each day to strengthen his neck and placed objects within his view to stimulate his senses. She emphasized that holding an infant is important to his developing a sense of security. She truly wants us to do well with our son.

Imogene was also extremely empathetic towards my wife. Having had C-sections herself, Imogene was able to tell her first-hand that the pain and fatigue were real, which helped her accept the rest that she needed. Imogene also had several very useful practical suggestions for easing the discomfort.

Imogene accompanied us on three doctor visits, including a very trying CT scan involving an intravenous injection on our two-week—old son. We found these visits strange and stressful. Fortunately for us, these were not new experiences for Imogene, who'd been through even more complicated procedures. She actively listened during our doctor discussions. When we didn't have the answers to some of the questions, such as whether Chase was breathing normally, Imogene offered needed information. She also gave us helpful practical advice in our interactions with a number of the medical professionals. Throughout, she was not only calm but also full of useful suggestions to maintain the baby's comfort and calmness while he was being examined. This contributed substantially to our ability to maintain our own composure.

Finally, we cannot take for granted the fact that Imogene took all the night shifts with Chase. Allowing us to sleep made a big difference in our ability to adapt to our new life with a baby. While this may be part of the job description for baby nursing, sleep deprivation can take its toll on anyone. Imogene acted immune, though. Despite her lack of sleep, she was cheerful and 100% functional every day, making up lost sleep with well-timed naps that 'were invisible to our daily routine.

Imogene lived with us in close quarters in a two-bedroom New York City apartment for two weeks. Her personality was in perfect balance with the situation: she was companionable, without being intrusive. Even though were both home, we never once felt intruded on by Imogene's presence. She became part of the family immediately.

When Imogene leaves, we will miss her very much. Now we truly understand why one of her previous clients called her "Imogenius."

New York City

Dear David,

I wanted to thank you for having Claudette be our baby nurse for our first child – Jacob. In one word, she is incredible.. .more specifically, she is gifted with the ability to take care of infants and teach parents the essential skills they need to be competent parents. In addition, Claudette is such a pleasure to be with - always has a fantastic attitude and is completely focused on what is best for the baby. I was amazed at her composure and professionalism at all times (whether 3 am or 3 pm).

Initially I thought I only needed a baby nurse for a few days and then I realized the importance of having Claudette for longer. When she left I cried like a baby because of the profound impact Claudette had - and then I realized that she had blessed me with the tools and capabilities I needed. Being a new mom is such a scary time and Claudette gave me the confidence to be the mom I want to be.

Thank you again and please let me know if I can ever be a reference for Claudette or help her in any way - we will be forever grateful for having Claudette in our lives - she has found her true calling.
New York City

To Whom It May Concern:

This serves as a letter of recommendation for baby nurse Mary Grace. Mary Grace was our daughter's nurse for weeks three, four and five; we could not recommend her more highly for any family seeking professional, gentle care for their infant.

Upon her arrival at our home, Mary Grace was met at the door by an anxious mother and father, a fussy baby and a chaotic environment; after three weeks, she left behind a happy, healthy baby; relaxed, confident parents; and a household organized to meet an infant's needs. Her sterling skill set, professional approach and kind temperament turned what could have been a very difficult time into an exciting and fun chapter in our family's life.


Mary Grace is a wealth of knowledge about babies' and mothers' medical and emotional needs; what I found extremely impressive was her methodical plan of action for our child based on a clear-eyed assessment of our baby's needs, medical history, and our own wishes. After spending a day with us and our daughter and observing our interactions, she prioritized our family's needs in terms of what we needed to learn and how quickly. First, she implemented a sleep-eat schedule that soon had all three of us anxiety-free and eating and sleeping better. Within a week she taught us to feed, soothe, bathe, diaper and clothe our baby. From there, she worked with us side-by-side to put her teaching to work. Mary Grace was extremely committed to leaving us fully competent at the end of her stay and worked throughout the assignment to make sure we had plenty of supervised "hands-on" time with the baby; remarkably, she was able to do this while allowing me to get enough rest to function normally and adjust to my own new sleep patterns.

Additionally, she was enormously helpful with breastfeeding, and the myriad issues that come along with it. When she arrived, I was ready to give up on nursing, having had little success in producing an adequate supply of milk and incurring a lot of pain doing it. Within a week, her advice on positioning, latching, pumping and the importance of rest and fluids had my baby on breast milk for seven out of eight feedings.

Finally, my pediatrician concurred with each of Mary Grace's recommendations for our baby's eating and sleeping; her one month appointment was deemed "perfect" and the doctor expressed amazement and admiration at the improvement that she saw in both the baby and me over the last "pre-Mary Grace" visit.


Mary Grace's approach to teaching is extremely diplomatic and nuanced. Recognizing the hormonal ups and downs of new mothers, she is not dogmatic or bullying about her opinions. Rather, she assesses the situation and suggests solutions based on the situation at hand. She is a "listen first, talk second" person, whose applies sound judgment in a professional manner.

As a third adult in a two-adult apartment, Mary Grace impressed us with her respect for our privacy and her inclination to maintain appropriate boundaries between herself and my husband and me. Her attention was focused almost exclusively on our baby; her very limited personal business was conducted during the very few breaks she took during the day. She was neat and tidy, and kept all not only the nursery in perfect order, but never left a trace of her own food or personal effects visible. My husband and I often joke that if she were not a baby nurse, she would earn her living as the perfect houseguest!


We could not have asked for a sunnier disposition in our home; Mary Grace's cheerful attitude was a real morale booster during the difficult adjustment period. She takes her job very seriously, but I wouldn't say she takes herself very seriously, and she certainly enjoys the silliness that babies inevitably bring into the household. I found myself laughing every day of her stay with us and I believe her presence contributed greatly to our daughter's calm disposition as well as my own newfound confidence.

In short, Mary Grace is a gem. We could not be more grateful to have had her with us for this critical period in our child's development and during this time of transition in our own lives. Please feel free to call me at the number above with any questions regarding Mary Grace and know that she comes with our highest recommendation.
New York City

To Whom It May Concern,

My husband and I were so very impressed with the services of Genevieve, a baby nurse referred to us by your agency, that we feel compelled to write this letter extolling her many virtues. Genevieve helped us immensely during the first twelve weeks of out twin sons' lives, and made this exciting but stressful time enjoyable. Caring for two premature newborns was a daunting task until Genevieve arrived into our family to help us in every way. Not only did Genevieve teach us every aspect of how best to care for our premature infant sons, but she also provided helpful tips on how to organize our lives to meet the numerous simultaneous demands of twins.

Throughout her entire stay with our family, Genevieve was a tireless worker, and put our sons' needs ahead of all else, including her own physical need to rest, indeed the only on-going dis-agreement we had with her was that it was difficult to get her to go to bed'! As the boys matured to different stages during her stay, Genevieve was always advising us on how to meet their changing needs - whether it was to foster play time or to switch the type of bottle nipples we needed or everything in between. At all times, Genevieve was very affectionate and caring with the boys, never putting the 'chores' associated with their care ahead of their emotional needs.

In sum, I honestly cannot find enough superlatives to adequately capture the tremendous assistance provided to us and our sons by Genevieve during her stay with our family. We would recommend her highly and without reservation to any new parents, particularly parents of multiples. Thanks so much for the referral; as a result of this experience I have already given the busiest, Ob-Gyn practice in Larchmont your firm's business cards.
Westchester, NY

Dear Family,

Tena joined our family from September of 2017-March 2018 to care for our second baby. I could go on for pages about how much we love Tena, and how grateful we are to have had her help, guidance and teamwork.

Tena is a warm and loving professional baby nurse who adores babies. She talks to our son, reads to him, plays with him and sings to him. Tena taught my husband and me best practices for bathing our son, getting him onto a schedule, tummy time, sleeping and stocking the nursery among other things. Tena was very supportive through the challenging first weeks of breastfeeding. She helped me breastfeed the baby and also took care of me to ensure that I was getting the best nutrition and vitamins to help my milk supply.

My husband and I are constantly impressed with Tena’s drive, endless energy and the pride she takes in her work. She is an expert in all things baby, and she keeps herself up to date on baby knowledge by reading, continuing her certifications and education. She also is a whiz on google. For example, when I couldn’t figure out how to convert our stroller to a double stroller, Tena immediately googled the solution, figured out the problem and the piece I was missing and then taught me how to install it.

We travelled domestically and internationally with Tena and she made the entire experience go smoothly. Tena packed all of the baby’s clothes, bedding and essentials. She was prepared for the flight and taught us best practices for moving the entire family and our caravan of strollers, car seats, formula, and suitcases through security, the flight and customs. At the hotels, when we weren’t able to get a changing table, Tena set up a brilliant changing station for the baby out of extra towels. When we didn’t have laundry in the hotel room, Tena strung a clothing line on the balcony to hand wash / dry the clothes. (This is how prepared Tena was - she had even thought to pack a clothing line.)

If you are into tidy spaces that are clean and well organized, Tena is the baby nurse for you. Tena washes the toys, clothing and bedding regularly. I recently walked into our baby’s closet to find his bibs perfectly folded and organized by color!

Although we hired Tena to take care of our new baby, she was instrumental in helping the entire family. She is a true team player who looks for opportunities to help where you need it most and before you even ask. I had a c-section and I wasn’t able to lift our older daughter for six weeks, during which Tena jumped in and helped whenever she needed a diaper change or to be lifted in / out of the crib, etc.

Here’s one important example of the many times Tena went way above and beyond. One night, our older daughter came down with a stomach virus while my husband and I were out at dinner. Tena jumped into action. She called us at dinner and clearly and calmly communicated the situation. We raced home and by the time we arrived Tena had already bathed our older daughter, cleaned up her crib and changed her clothes. This was the first time that our daughter had ever fallen sick, and I was very nervous. Without my asking, Tena spent the rest of the night staying up with us to help us care for our sick daughter. Tena taught me how to keep the nursery and the rest of the apartment clean, and how to prevent spreading the germs to our new infant.

When we are feeding or playing with the baby, Tena could be sleeping or relaxing, but instead she is almost always finding something to do or take care of around the house. I can’t tell you how many times I found my laundry neatly folded, dirty dishes miraculously moved into the dishwasher, or the toys and play area neatly tidied up. Tena is also a talented cook and jumped in when we hosted dinner parties. She also helped our families in the kitchen on family holidays and get togethers.

In summary, Tena is so wonderful, that you will want to have another baby just to have Tena back in your home and family. I hope Tena will join your family and make you, your baby and your family as safe, healthy and happy as she did ours!

New York City

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter recommends Olga as a highly competent, extremely knowledgeable and caring nurse for infants.

After having just completed a week under her care and instruction, my husband and I feel more comfortable caring for our newborn son. Specifically, Olga showed great patience in explaining and demonstrating proper care of the baby and answered our many questions regarding what we can expect from him both now and in the future.

Sharing her ten-plus years of experience as a nurse mid-wife in Jamaica made us more confident about our ability to detect any warning signs of illness and how to prevent any discomfort for the baby. Cleanliness, safety and tender loving care are the bylaws under which her many skills thrive.

Our "one week old" pediatrician visit was a huge success with weight gain, scheduling and overall health making for what the Pediatrician said was his "best one week appointment, ever."

Olga has been a joy and pleasure to have around our house -- she "wears well." More importantly, our son took to her immediately; Olga truly has a gift with children and we are all fortunate that she shares that gift with the world.


To Whom It May Concern,

As you know, we have taken advantage of your wonderful service upon the births of our three children. We have been pleased beyond expectation with each assignment, and I wanted you to know that our most recent experience has been by far the most outstanding.

Bernice joined our family on May 2nd for what was expected to be a one-month assignment. We have so thoroughly enjoyed her and her care for our baby that we extended her stay for a second month. She is kind and nurturing, sensitive and compassionate, responsible and self-reliant, directed and dedicated. Her commitment to delivering the very best care for our baby could not have been more comprehensive, from simple hygienic care to helping our other children become comfortable with and accepting of the arrival of a new sibling. Most of all, she is a wonderful person who cares immensely about what she does.

She exudes an ease and serenity that has affected everyone - a wonderful quality and one that we believe is directly responsible for the baby's good nature and even temperament. Bernice, in her very gentle, unobtrusive fashion, has made my wife's life wonderful over the past two months. She established a schedule by the second day; she contributed immediately to the household routine; and she allowed my wife and me an opportunity to focus on our family as a whole rather than just on our new arrival. Our children adore having Bernice here. And it is evident that the baby does, too - she has started to smile, and smiles quite often for Bernice.

Bernice transformed a crowded house with a potential chaotic atmosphere into a calm, organized home through her easy-going nature and good humor. We are indebted to her for making our transition from two to three children such a wonderful experience.

We will miss Bernice greatly. Thank you for introducing her to us.


To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that we write to enthusiastically recommend Helen as one fantastic baby nurse; she is truly a "baby whisperer".

This is our second experience with a baby nurse, having previously contracted with the same agency for our son Hayden's care in July, 2005. We had such a positive experience with our first baby nurse, Agnes, that immediately upon becoming pregnant, my wife contacted the agency to "reserve" Agnes again. We were initially heartbroken to learn that even with such advance notice, Agnes had already been reserved for the time period immediately following the due date for our daughter Eliza. The agency reassured us that as repeat customers, they would be sure to connect us with their very best available nurse, Helen.

Admittedly, we were skeptical. Our time with Agnes had been such a positive experience that we could not imagine a worthy substitute for her could possibly exist. We were dead wrong. Despite the loftiest expectations, Helen exceeded them at every opportunity. She was with us for nearly nine weeks, longer than we had initially anticipated. However we extended her time with us not only because of the astounding level of care she provided for Eliza but also because we had grown so fond of her company.

Helen is incredibly agreeable, patient and caring. She was extremely helpful to us by not only providing an all-encompassing level of care for our daughter but also by explaining and teaching us her methods each step of the way. Helen had expertly coaxed Eliza's schedule such that Eliza was sleeping through the night consistently by the time she left. As second-time parents, we were amazed by how different each baby was as well as how different yet effective the methods for caring for each can be. Parenting is a constant learning experience, one that is made far more enjoyable by having the guidance and companionship of Helen.

We would not hesitate to recommend Helen for any reason to anyone who wants the very best level of care for their baby. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information that you might want regarding Helen’s talents as a baby nurse or virtues as a friend.

Denver, Colorado

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express how delighted we were to have Helen as a baby nurse for our daughter Noa. My husband and I were unsure whether we wanted a baby nurse at all; we did not have one when our 2-year-old daughter Olivia was an infant and we hesitated to put the care of our second daughter into the hands of someone other than her parents during her early months. We did not regret our decision. Helen took care of our daughter as if she were her own. She was caring and nurturing in addition to being extremely knowledgeable and professional. We often found ourselves counting down the minutes until Helen arrived at 7pm.

Noa was considered a "low birth weight" baby at 61bs, 9oz. I was very concerned that because Noa was so small, it would be a while before she could sleep through the night -I did not want to force it. Helen agreed and was exceptionally gentle in stretching Noa's sleep periods. By the time Helen left when Noa was two-months-old, Noa was consistently waking only once every night.

We were delighted to have Helen around and were sad to see her go. If we are lucky enough to have a third child, we definitely hope to have Helen again - and this time for longer.

New York City

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to Agnes, We highly recommend her as a baby nurse and feel that anyone would be lucky to have her take care of their child.

Agnes came to us when our son was 5 days old, we had just spent all night (unexpectedly) in the hospital with him and our original baby nurse had, coincident ally, left due to a back problem. Needless to say, we were panicked, tired and completely upset, Agnes came into our home and immediately put us to ease. Our son took to her instantly and she had a very calming effect on him. She helped us to get the nursery organized and made sure that we had all the appropriate "baby gear".

Agnes also taught us how to do everything with the baby (this is our first child). She put him on a feeding schedule, monitored him, entertained him and got to know him - what he liked and disliked. Often we would hear her singing and talking to him, which he loved.

Agnes has a very quiet and understated demeanor. We have a very small apartment and never really felt that we had a guest staying with us. She was very helpful, unobtrusive and a joy to be around, Agnes has a lovely personality.

It is time for Agnes to go and we can confidently say that because of her, we feel that when she leaves we will be able to manage by ourselves (even though we would like her to stay on).

New York City

To Whom it May Concern,

Working with the Frances Stewart Agency over the last three years has been an outstanding experience. For a first-time mother, recently widowed, in need of help with a newborn and then with a toddler, they have proved to be an invaluable resource.

They listen, they care and they are dependable. I truly have the sense that they will never let me down. The small and friendly team is always available by phone and has known how to thoroughly evaluate my needs at every juncture. And how to adapt to these needs – which have, inevitably, evolved as my son has gone from being an infant to an energetic toddler.

Every candidate they have sent me to interview has been of the highest quality – consummate professionals and compassionate human beings. Unlike some of the other agencies out there (that, I have found, behave like impersonal money-making machines and barely know their candidates when they send them out on interviews), the team at Frances Stewart cares both about their clients and about the people they place. The result is great loyalty from all parties. And a “stable” of nannies who are profoundly reliable and professional.

For me, working with a few wonderful, warm, kind and caring nannies provided by Frances Stewart is making the process of raising my child even more enjoyable. I am therefore deeply grateful to David and his team for helping to make my little boy as happy, balanced and open to the world as he is.

New York City

We love the Frances Stewart Agency for both the night nurse and babysitting services. Babysitters are available on an as needed basis and just a phone call away. The Frances Stewart staff is very pleasant, accommodating and efficient whenever we call. Their babysitters are consistently professional, kind and on time and we feel very comfortable leaving our toddler with them. Thank you Frances Stewart!

New York City

Dear Frances Stewart Agency,

It has been 15 years since I have hired Jeanette through your agency. The only reason we are parting ways is because my family is now moving to Palo Alto.

By the time I was referred to your agency, I had just gone through two housekeepers through another agency. I was at my wits end until Jeanette walked through the door.

I knew within five minutes of speaking with Jeanette that she had extraordinary knowledge for a housekeeper. She not only kept my home looking pristine all the time, but she knew specifically how to care for everything. I pride myself on my collection of antiques. She knows how to polish silver, how to care for linens. She is a pro when it comes to ironing and a superb laundress. She never needed my input. She helped with formal dinner parties. She didn’t leave until everything was in perfect order, and put away. She just got it. She came with wonderful, long term references.

It saddens me to have to say goodbye to Jeanette. We did ask her to move with us to Palo Alto, but her family is here.

Thank you Frances Stewart. She was truly a gift.

New York City

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